This is the title of the Written Declaration which PAE together with EFNA within the Brain, Mind and Pain interest group have been working on for the past months. The text of the Written Declaration is to be found on the dedicated website.

If approved, The Written Declaration will be a very valuable document to use at local, national and European level, for example, in:

  •  Advocating for the implementation of employment rights for those affected by chronic pain conditions
  • Raising awareness of the stigma and discrimination faced by those affected by chronic pain at work
  • Ensuring relevant EU legislation on access to employment is applied at the national level
  • Highlighting the existence of EU funds to improve accessibility to the workplace for those who wish to regain or remain in employment

We are pleased to have 22 MEPs signed up as co-authors of this Written Declaration. However, we will need to encourage a minimum of 376 MEPs  to sign to show their support within three months of this launch in order to have it adopted!

Save the Date: 29 November 2016 – EU Parliament Brussels

Next action in the EU Parliament – 29 November 2016 – Breakfast meeting with the support of – join us!

We need your help, your commitment and your contribution: we need you to inform your members about this initiative and ask them to contact your MEPs asking them to sign this Declaration.   To help you with this:

  • We have prepared a template e-mail which you can translate into your own language.
  • We urge you to ask to add a personal reason why you want the MEPs to sign.
  • We have prepared a list of the contact details of the MEPs by country.
  • You can find them by going to the website

And anyone who is reading this who is not a member of a PAE, you may of course do this also. We would appreciate this very much.

Please keep in mind the MEPs are there to be the voice of the people of Europe. We all have voted them into that position. Use your right to contact them and ask them to sign and provide better options for people with chronic pain.

We will come back to you on this because this is only the beginning.  This is going to be a three month operation in which we will pressure the MEPs as much as possible, in a polite way.

On the same website as you can find the addresses and the template e-mail you also can see a list of MEPs who have signed already. This list will be updated every week. So please, before you send an e-mail or reminder, check that list to see if the MEP has already signed!

We will also reach out to the MEPs by social media, Twitter and Facebook. We will be tweeting about that from the @BrainMindPain twitter account. So give us a follow, retweet our posts and convey our messages to your MEPs.

Please let us know at when you get a positive reply from your MEP so we can follow up.

So keep checking the website  And find out whom to reach out for.

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