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World Federation of Neurology


World Brain Day 2017 The World Federation of Neurology was established on July 22, 1957. It was suggested by the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee that 22 July 2014 should be celebrated as “World Brain Day”. This proposal was received with a warm welcome by delegates and became an annual activity.

The main objective of this day of the brain is to increase public awareness and promote advocacy related to brain health.

The topic for World Brain Day is 2017 is “Stroke is a brain attack – prevent it and treat it”

What national associations can do to get involved:

  1. Arrange press conference, media briefing sessions etc. involving local media
  2. Seminars, conferences, public awareness sessions
  3. Presentations at local schools, colleges, universities
  4. Poster, essay, drawing competitions
  5. Collaborate with other organizations (Brain council, neuroscience societies, neurosurgery and psychiatry organizations, stroke and epilepsy society etc.)
  6. Newspaper, magazine articles

Media materials can be downloaded here to help you promote your events related to World Brain Day.

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