Opening word GA November 17 2014


Dear members, representatives of our sponsors or sponsors to be and special guests Sheila Wright and Lone Tjustrup Olufsen.

In front of you, you see a happy man.

Happy because so many of you have come to join us at this General Assembly.

Happy because I have the pleasure of working with a board who is not only critical but even more a group of warm people with a heart for Pain Alliance Europe’s mission and willing to make an extra effort for this.

Happy because more companies are willing to support Pain Alliance Europe in its activities.

Happy because the name of Pain Alliance Europe is growing in Europe.

Happy because we see us supported by a great secretariat which can cope with changes without damaging the service to anyone.

All and all 2014 has been a good year for PAE so far.

Having said that, we are aware there is a lot more to do so there is no time to sit down and relax. You may have read about our plans in the activity report you received .

We are also aware that the companies who are supporting us are under a great pressure of cutting down expenses. It is for us now, more then ever, time to think in practical sustainable projects to ease the way for the contact person within the companies  to find the budget.

It is also now time for us to put more pressure on the European body’s and national body’s to do something about the living conditions of people with chronic pain. Especially now since the EU ministers are talking together about palliative care and pain management for the first time. It is our common responsibility to convince them to keep talking about this during their sessions for the upcoming years until a complete plan of action is submitted and accepted to improve the quality of life of people with chronic pain. We have to convince them that chronic pain is not just a medical problem but even a greater social and economical problem. Cooperation between the commissioners and / or ministers of these three sectors  is of great importance to achieve progress on this issue. They have to stop with the silent thinking.

As you may have heard here in front of you is not only a happy man but also a man supported by a board with a great drive and a mission which they want to fulfil. This however, can only be done with the support of you all.

We, the board, will all make efforts to improve our communication towards our members and also improve your communication towards us , in order for all of us to deliver real added value to one another.

For me personally, you are already an added value only for the simple reason that you gave me the possibility to know you all.


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