PAE President Joop Van Griensven

Dear reader,

Thank you for reading this newsletter, it is a great information exchange between the PAE and all our members. This information exchange can help you in your policy development and in PAE’s policy making.Joop van Griensven - President PAE

You will read about the developments of the written declaration of the Brain, Mind and Pain interest group, and also about another relevant declaration for people with chronic pain.  You will read about success at a national level involving Ministers, researchers, healthcare professionals, patients rehabilitation centres and so on. Examples which may help you.  You will read about successful activities across Europe for people with chronic pain which shows a great willingness to raise awareness on this subject.

Dear readers, you will be glad to see that PAE is still moving forward and the politicians are getting more and more involved. Now it is time to show to our European politicians your involvement, your commitment. In this newsletter you find tools to help the written declaration to get past in the European parliament. We want you to pass that information on to your own members and get them involved in pushing the MEPs to sign that written declaration.

We are moving in to the period that the days are getting shorter and more time will be spent in house. It is also a period where our members are experiencing more problems. So it is good to show them that people are thinking about them and are trying to improve their situation. So by sharing this you are helping your own members also.

I wish you much pleasure reading this newsletter and hope you will find ideas to help you develop your policy.

Joop van Griensven

President PAE

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