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Overview of a busy trimester

We welcome you to the December Newsletter, reflecting the activities of the last quarter of 2018, during which PAE volunteers and leaders have met for several actions meant to steer the association’s projects and to organise or participate in meetings related to these projects, but were also involved in networking and informative events organised by peer organisations and health-related institutions. Here are the highlights of this period:

12-16 SeptemberParticipation in IASP Pain Congress in Boston, USA

25 September – Grünenthal EU Pain Day

25 OctoberSIP Steering Committee Meeting

29 October“Towards transatlantic co-operation in pain research” DG Research workshop”

9th November – EMA workshop on access to medicines

14 November – Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant Steering Committee Meeting

12 November Presentation of the Joint statement at the Annual meeting of the Health Policy Platform at the EU Commission

20 November PAE’s Board met to discuss the status of the current activities. Among the main topics there were:

    • the upcoming Brain, Mind, and Pain Interest Group meeting in the EU Parliament on the 21 November
    • the Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant’s preparation of the next edition following the BMP Grant’s steering committee meeting on the 14th November
    • participation as the main partner in the Societal Impact of Pain platform – follow up on the SIP steering Committee meeting defining the strategy of the platform for 2019 onwards
    • SIP Thematic Network and endorsement of the Joint Statement
    • PAE’s position letter on opioids addressed to the WHO
    • Reports on participation in different meetings and seminars
    • IASP Congress, Boston 12-16 September
    • Grünenthal EU Pain Day

20 November EFNA Advocacy Awards

21 NovemberMEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind, and Pain meeting in the EU Parliament

21 November – Participation at the EBC event “Enhanced engagement through
public-private partnerships” and poster presentation of the Brain, Mind, and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant

28 November EC/HMA/EMA workshop on electronic Product Information (ePI)

4 December – Launch of the 2019 Survey – Pain and Stigma

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