Dear readers,

With this newsletter, we want to inform you about the activities done in the past period. There were some organisational changes which will be mentioned later on.

PAE has been very active since the summer break. We were present in Valencia with the European Pain Federation EFIC Congress. We were presenting during the Changes Pain days in Berlin. We were presenting during the kick-off meeting of SIP Slovenia. We were visiting MEPs to ask support for the European Parliament interest group on Brain Mind and Pain. We were present during the EULAR meeting in Brussels. We presented during the: “Il Dolore inscindibile legame tra la sfera sociale e quella clinica” meeting in Bologna. We were very visible during the SIP Symposium. 

We were actively involved in the Brain Mind and Pain European Parliament interest group meeting. We organised a workshop on Stigma. We were presenting during the Patient Summit in Brussels. We also had a representative during the Meeting in Athens. We were actively reaching out to people about our new call for the Brain Mind and Pain patient centred innovation grant about stigma. You have less than two weeks to send in your proposal which we can advise you to do.

From some of these activities, you will read more in this newsletter. This combined with all the activities which come along with moving office and keep in contact with all other organisations make us speak of a very productive period.

A lot of the things that we were doing in the past months were also for our plans for next year. We talked about this during our board meeting on the 16th of December and we will be discussing this with our partners during the upcoming weeks.

We wish you all some very beautiful holidays, a Merry Christmas and a good start of 2020.


Joop van Griensven,


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