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De week van de Pijn


From September 26 till October 1 “Pijn Samen”(Pain Together) a coalition of more as 50 organisations amongst patient associations, healthcare organisations, healthcare service providers and healthcare professionals organised  “De week van de Pijn” (Week of the Pain). This resulted in a lot of publicity Radio, TV (a special TV show for children about chronic pain), papers and magazines.

Week Van De Pijn The NederlandsOne of the major outcome of this initiative, which took a period of three years of preparation, was beside the awareness aspect that stakeholders in the chronic pain field have signed a health deal.

Amongst the  stakeholders were the Ministers of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Minister of Economic affairs, insurance companies, Universities, Patient associations, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, rehabilitation centres.

PAE members were involved as full partner in developing and signing this deal.

From this place we want to congratulate them with this result.The Health Deal

This deal, which aims for sensible, efficient and outstanding pain care delivery to chronic pain patients, shows that it is possible to come to an agreement with the policymakers. It takes courage, determination and a good and solid policy supported by stakeholders. PAE followed this development and is talking with the organisers on how we best use this result in the European policy.

For this whole project a documentary has been made which follows 6 patients in their daily activities from the period of December 31, 2014 till the summer of 2016. How they deal with their conditions on a daily base. A very recognizable documentary.

The patients are a child with dystrophy – CRPS, a young woman with a complex regional pain syndrome, a middle age man with post operative pain, a middle aged woman with fibromyalgia, a young woman with Scoliosis – back problems – Skyphose and an elderly lady with cancer – Lupus- Rheumatic  – and COPD.

For an impression of the closing congress of 28/29 September by following this link you may watch a short video.

Follow this link to see the press release and the full text of the health deal (available only in Dutch).



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