Grünenthal event - Values & behaviours

During February, Grünenthal Group has organised at their Headquarters in Aachen, Germany – a series of events with internal and external experts in the disease area of pain.

Mr. Joop van Griensven, President of PAE, was invited to speak  on one of the values Grünenthal lists as part of their vision.

To address the value “We are Patient-centric”, Mr. van Griensven presented data obtained from the chronic pain patients survey highlighting some painful issues related to diagnose timeline, satisfaction with the treatment or work life side effects.

Placing the patient in the centre is a obvious requirement nowadays, but not in the way of seeing the patient as the problem, but treating chronic pain as the issue and the patient is the main stakeholder who will contribute in solving the issue.

Joop van Griensven shared insights on the challenges of living with a chronic pain condition to a numerous Grünenthal audience. At the end of the expert session, a video statement was recorded and then shared with the international Grünenthal team.

You may find more on the Grünenthal’s core values on their website.

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