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Versus Arthritis

Versus Arthritis charity came to life in September 2018, building on the legacies of two of UK’s largest arthritis charities – Arthritis Research UK and Arthritis Care.

On Monday 5th November, Versus Arthritis launched a bold, new nationwide campaign to show the true scale and impact of arthritis on people of all ages, all across the country.

Volunteers of Versus Arthritis emphasised the need to start a national conversation about arthritis to make it better understood and recognised as a priority.

By doing so, they aim to empower people with arthritis to ask for help and get the support and treatment they deserve.

The campaign included:

  • High profile launch to media and stakeholders
  • The Versus Arthritis Action Plan, setting out urgent changes that will help people live better with the condition
  • An alliance of organisations and influencers, all declaring themselves #VersusArthritis
  • A social media video to drive conversation and awareness online
  • A national advertising campaign, on TV, billboards and online


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