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RedBlloon-logoThe Red Balloon project, started in May 2016, during the SIP in Brussels, will come to its end during SIP 2017 in Malta. With the help of our Maltese member and delegated members we are trying to organize an event which to generate lots of publicity for chronic pain.

As the first discussions are scheduled to take place during the second half of February, it is a bit difficult to give you any details about it at present. However, we will need your cooperation and ideas for generating publicity.

Let’s all try to conclude this project with as much “noise” as possible, showing our partners that we can generate publicity, that we can organize big events, that we can show the outside world that we can make a difference.  Most of all let’s show to our members that we are working to improve their situation. Right now, by generating publicity – and during the SIP event, by generating more support for our cause.

More details on this will be in the next newsletter.

Help us to achieve this!

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