The event is organized every year by ISAL Foundation and represents a symbolic moment to raise awareness on the issue of chronic pain.

Also, this year it will seize the chance to renovate the hope and commitment devoted to this topic after the problematic time of Covid-19, during which thousands of people had to suffer in silence due to the difficulty of accessing treatments.

This year, to meet the restrictions due to Covid-19, but still wishing to reach a larger number of people, the physical event occurring in the town squares and hospitals (we hope this will still be possible) will be accompanied by a social event transmitted on the YouTube ISAL platform so those who are interested can be present from a distance.

The streaming event will be held in a television studio where numerous Italian and international associations will give their contribution. As the ‘’Hundred Cities against Pain’’ this year deeply relies on digital resources, we would like to invite partners to produce digital material to raise awareness in the population of the existence of chronic pain and in particular the impact that Covid-19 has had on this silenced reality.

The contribution can take the form of videos, interviews, testimonials (but proposals are kindly accepted) to educate about activities carried on a national level, to increase the visibility of the mission sustained by ISAL and to further motivate on the topic of chronic pain.

Besides, the ‘’Hundred Cities against Pain’’ will be again supported by the #zeropain20 campaign on social media that will collect the selfies of those who symbolically decided to ‘’put their face’’ to say ‘’NO’’ to chronic pain. 

To participate in this great initiative, please follow these instructions.

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