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Fibromyalgi Förbundet

Dick van Dotz and his #Fuck Fibro chopperJust before Easter our organization and fibromyalgia received exposure at a rather unusual venue when it comes to fibromyalgia – namely a motor show! A man by the name Dick vanDotz had contacted us, asking for information material on fibromyalgia to be handed out at a motor venue that he was attending.Dick was taking part as an exhibitor, and to raise awareness of fibromyalgia Dick had built a smashing #Fuckfibro chopper.

Dick does not suffer from fibromyalgia himself but has friends who do, so he wanted to contribute in any way that he could, and came up with the idea of the #Fuckfibro chopper.



The motor show had over 75,000 visitors, so a lot of people got to see Dick’s magnificent chopper! We are very grateful for his initiative to help raising awareness of fibromyalgia!

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