Without specific dates:

  • Publication of the journal “SchmerzLos Aktuell” on a regular basis, minimum three – four times a year
  • Co-author of the published guidebook addressing patients of chronic pain “Schmerz – Eine Herausforderung” (in German). 
  • Heike Norda, president of UVSD SchmerzLos e.V.,  was involved in co-development and part of the review process of the German medical guideline LONTS (long-term application of opioids in chronic pain management)

March 2020 (pre-corona):

  • Internal conference of the steering committee to discuss future activities
  • Participation at the bi-yearly working team meeting “patient information” as a part of the German pain association

    May 2020:
  • Active participation in self-help video conferences for patients during covid-19 pandemic generated by the German pain association
  • Self-established surveys to investigate the quantity and quality of healthcare for pain patients during covid-19 pandemic

    June 2020:
  • Participation at the yearly “day of pain” on 2nd June 2020 also generated by the German Pain Sssociation
  • President of UVSD SchmerzLos e.V., Heike Norda, will participate in a press conference at the yearly “day of pain”, 2nd June 2020, with the CEO of the German pain association to address health care challenges for pain patients in corona-times.

    October 2020:
  • UVSD SchmerzLos e.V. booth at the annual meeting of the German Pain Association
  • President of UVSD SchmerzLos e.V., Heike Norda, is invited to present the results of the surveys in the plenary session at annual meeting of German Pain Association
  • A member of the steering committee of UVSD SchmerzLos e.V., Britta Lambers, is invited for a presentation “Social impact on chronic Pain” at the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Association of Psychosomatic Pain Management in October 2020. She will also participate at a round table with other experts of health care. 


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