We have the great pleasure to invite you to the upcoming meeting of the Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain and Interest Group on Mental Health, Well-being and Brain Disorders.

Please find the agenda below.

 12.00h              Arrivals and Registration
[Note: Please assemble in the foyer of the ASP Building before 12.00h to be escorted to the meeting room, where a sandwich lunch will be available from 12.15h]

12.15h              Networking Lunch

Chairperson: Ann Little, President, European Federation of Neurological Associations

13.00h              Opening Address: Marian Harkin, MEP and Interest Groups’ co-chair

What stigma means to me and my family: What should be done?

THE PATIENT: Liisa Mikkonen, Person affected by chronic pain

THE PARENT: Andrea Bilbow, OBE, Parent children affected by ADHD

THE CHILD: Emily Benson, Daughter of person affected by Dystonia

13.40h              THE EVIDENCE OF STIGMA
Prevalence & impact of stigma in the wider patient community: What can we do?

BRAIN: EFNA Patient Experience Survey, Prof. Matilde Leonardi, Neurologist, Besta National Neurological Institute

MIND: GAMIAN-Europe Pan-European Stigma Survey – Paul Arteel, Executive Director, GAMIAN-Europe

PAIN:  Patient Pain Pathway Recommendations – Joop van Griensven, President, Pain Alliance Europe

14.10h            Keynote Address: Jürgen Scheftlein, DG-Santé

4.20h              Discussion of future plans– with comments from MEP co-chairs and the audience

15.00             CLOSE


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