Getting to Know Chronic Pain Patients

Our mission is to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic pain in Europe. For this, we first need to know these people, their needs and then define how we can address these in our future projects and activities.

The first step in this respect was to get to know them.

Pain Alliance Europe consults regularly its members and its members’ members via survey campaigns meant to find out where the challenges are and how they evolve, noticing the differences between different health management systems at national levels and adapting every time the questions and the target according to the feedback thus received.

Should you have any suggestion or ideas on how a chronic pain patient life can be improved, please write to us. Pain Alliance Europe’s mission is to make the patients’ voice heard, and this is exactly what we will do, sharing your ideas with the ones who can help make them work.

2021 Survey on Chronic Pain

Diagnostics and Treatment

This survey is a second version of the survey we conducted in 2017 . It will compare the responses from 4 years ago with the situation now, to see if there have been improvements over the past four years. 

You can find a short report here. The presentation on this survey can be found here

In-depth Survey on Covid-19 and Chronic Pain

PAE has created an in-depth survey on how chronic pain patients across the EU are affected by the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. The full report about the results of this survey is available here.

A PPT presentation on this survey can be found here.

Short survey on Covid-19 and Chronic Pain


PAE has created an online short survey about Covid-19 and Chronic Pain to see the current situation of chronic pain patients in Europe and what PAE can do to improve the situation.


You can find the summary report here.

The summary of the country findings is here.

The specific country data is here



2020 Survey on Chronic Pain

Pain and e-health and m-health

The new survey is about how people use the new electronic devices/services to manage their health.
 You may find the full report here. The short report can be downloaded below.

2019 Survey on Chronic Pain

Pain and Stigma

PAE new survey consulted the pain patients about the existence, forms and manifestations of stigma perceived, related to their condition and statute. 

You may find the complete report here

2018 Survey on Chronic Pain

Pain and Your Work Life

This report is about a survey on chronic pain and work life with responses from 14 European countries. The joint voice of patients and relevant stakeholders are translated into policies and concrete actions to minimise the impact of pain on aspects of everyday life for numerous EU citizens.

2017 Survey on Chronic Pain

Diagnostics, Treatment and Impact of Pain

This report is about a survey on chronic pain performed in 17 countries. The Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) consults regularly its members via survey campaigns to capture the experience and opinions on issues, challenges and solutions related to the impact of pain.