Statement from MEP Anna Rosbach

annarosbach“Chronic pain is a burden to millions of people in Europe. Because the pain is chronic it is often not considered a disease by society and health care systems. This must be changed. Chronic pain should no longer be given less attention and care than temporary pain. Pain is a disease, and if it cannot be cured it must be relieved as much as possible.

As Member of the European Parliament I am struggling to improve the living conditions for people with chronic pain. A very important first step is to get chronic pain acknowledged as a disease in all member countries.
Because people with chronic pain dos not receive the attention of society they often isolate themselves. This is unfortunate. We need a strong voice in order to change things. We need to hear the voices of the patients. That is why I support Pain Alliance Europe. Patients need to be organised on a European level in order to create a strong voice”.

Statement from MEP Jim Higgins

jim_higgins“Chronic Pain is the single biggest Healthcare Issue facing Europe. The statistics regarding chronic pain are frightening, in the EU alone a staggering 70,140,000 people suffer from chronic pain. Worryingly despite the prevalence of chronic pain many people are completely unaware of this condition. We must take steps to inform the masses, example could be drawn from the particularly note worthy innovation of Chronic Pain Ireland who organise highly informative workshops.

Research in the USA has indicated that 116,000,000 Americans are living with Chronic Pain and the cost to the American exchequer is a staggering $640 billion.

Various reports indicate that the cost of Chronic Pain is greater than the costs of Cancer and Diabetes combined. Very little has happened in relation to Chronic Pain in the past 11 years so now is the time to act & to ensure awareness of this serious health challenge.