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SIP Symposium 7 – 9 June 2017, Valleta, Malta.

The SIP Symposium will be organised during the Maltese presidency on June 8 and 9. On the 7th of June there will be some pre symposium events such as a workshop on patient advocacy given by GAfPA (Global Alliance for Patient Access) and the closing activity of the Red Balloon project. The SIP Symposium will have 4 workshops on the 8th.

  1. European and national platforms addressing the societal impact of pain
  2. Pain and employment
  3. Pain as a quality indicator for health systems
  4. Existing challenges, models and best practices in pain policy

On the Evening of the 8th there will be the Award ceremony of the “EU civic prize on chronic pain”

On the 9th there will be the two plenary sessions to present the outcomes of the workshops and some keynote presentations on the mentioned topics. Speakers will be high level governmental representatives of  Malta, Italy and Spain and high level representatives of EU institutions.

Find more details on the SIP flyer 2017

 On Friday evening we will have the G.A. of PAE.

 It is important that the members of PAE will attend these workshops and plenary sessions. Don’t let them speak about is with out us.

 As the voice of patients is very important to be included we urge you to register for this event.  If you are a representative to participate in the PAE General Assembly you will benefit of that arrangement.

Registration can be done by following this link;

Register as soon as possible as rooms and places to attend are limited. Read more on the SIP symposium;

There will be pre-symposium and evening activities which could be interesting for you to attend as well.  We do hope to see you all in Malta.

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