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PAE Board Member Maria Soledad Garcia Penalta represents PAE in the first Spanish SIP Forum

Last Tuesday, 11th of December the First SIP SPAIN FORUM was hosted at the Spanish Ministry of Health in Madrid.

Maria Soledad García Penalta, as the representative of Pain Alliance Europe in Spain mentioned that the event benefited of an important number of attendants, representatives of the healthcare community, policy-makers and patient representatives who joined the debate and analysed the current situation of chronic pain care in Spain.

Maria Soledad Garcia Penalta @ SIP Spain Forum, 11 December 2018, Madrid

As stakeholders all participants agreed that it is necessary to establish pain as a priority and transversal element in the framework of national health strategies and policies to ensure equity and efficiency of care for these patients, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. All these objectives resonate with PAE’s constant preoccupation of always putting the patients in the centre so that they take a leading role in the management of pain.  The improvement of pain management would provide to Spain substantial economic and social benefits: a more efficient use of existing resources, less absenteeism, greater productivity and a lower burden on Social Security budgets.

The interesting debates of the working groups taking place during the day were a confirmation that the SIP strategy on giving the stage to the national platforms is a wise choice, as specific approaches can be discussed and finding appropriate solutions, adapted to the environment they respond to.

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