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SIP Expert Group is a candidate to become a Thematic Network on the EU Health Platform

Before the end of 2017, the European Commission has given us the opportunity to upgrade the SIP Expert Group to a “Thematic Network on SIP”.

A vote has been casted and we are currently anxiously waiting for the Commission to analyse the results of the votes and corroborate them with the needs and main streams of the current work of the Commission.

The vote will be an important element in the making of this decision, and we take advantage of this opportunity to thank again all partners, members, and collaborators who supported this action; the number of votes received by the SIP Expert Group places us second out of 10 candidates. So, fingers crossed! The Commission might take another couple of weeks before reaching a decision.

Why is this important and beneficial for pain advocates? Because we will have more allies and a more powerful voice!

  • Within the EU Health Policy Platform, the SIP Expert Group will move into the public domain. This means that stakeholders will not have to register anymore to see the platform’s content – which will allow engaging many more stakeholders on the importance of tackling the societal impact of pain!
  • In addition, the content of the platform will feed into a draft joint statement – a useful tool in pushing policymakers into action on the issue of Pain.
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