Survey of engagement within the EU Health Policy Platform

SIP Expert group on Chronic Pain is a candidate to become a Thematic network, moving to a public domain

Please vote for SIP! Votes close on December 7th


The European Commission has given the SIP platform the opportunity to make the SIP Expert Group, on the EU Health Policy Platform, a “Thematic Network on SIP”.

What does this mean?

  • Within the EU Health Policy Platform, the SIP Expert Group will move into the public domain. This means that stakeholders will not have to register anymore to see the platform’s content – which will enable greater public outreach!
  • In addition, the content of the platform will feed into a draft joint statement – a useful tool in pushing the Commission into legislative action on the issue of Pain.

What can you do?

The European Commission has started a survey to select the topics for the Thematic Networks. Please register on the EU Health Policy Platform and vote for SIP to be included! The survey is only open until December 7th. The decision on the four selected Thematic Networks will be taken by end of December.

This is a fantastic opportunity for SIP to take our integration into the EU Health Policy Platform to another level!

The first step is becoming a member!

Registration only takes a few minutes. We have a user guide which explains all the steps. We encourage you to invite others to join as well, provided they are an organisation with a clear interest in public health in Europe.