Asociación Espanola de Pacientes Contra el Dolor

Name of the organization: Asociación espanola de Pacientes contra el dolor
Abbreviation: Sine Dolore
Street: Dr. Camps 32
City: 0 7703 Mahon
Country: Spain

Honor president: Jordi Moya Riera

President: Gemma Fernandez Bosch

Vice-president: Carmen Moya Riera

Secretario: Antonia Pons Garriga

Tesorero: Alfredo Melia


Marcial Moya Rosello

Antonia Riera Barcelo

Gonzalo Fernandez Moya

Manuel Corral Rosado

Antonio Escandell Calvache

Maribel Triay Garriga

Sine Dolore is a non profit association whose goal is to inform and advise the general public and specially people and families with pain. The objectives are to foster and promote mechanisms and pain syndromes, as well as to improve treatment of patients with acute and chronic pain bringing togheter basic scientifics, physicians and other health professionals from various disciplines and areas of common interest in the pain research and treatment.

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Sine DoloreThe association Sine Dolore reports on the support and recognition that the action Sine Dolore World Park gets from the local authorities.

The Mayor of Mahón, Conxa Juanola, and the coordinator of the municipality’s Sine Dolore World Park, Councilwoman Maria Membrive, receive the “Tino Casal” National Music Prize awarded to the only theme park in the world against pain and for quality of life.

Through   this   gesture,   the   Mahon   Council has   wanted   to   make   public   its unconditional support to the Sine Dolore World Park.

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