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Thematic Network on the Societal Impact of Pain

On the 4th October SIP partners organised in collaboration with the EU Health Policy Platform a live webinar in order to present the most recent version of the Joint Statement produced within the Thematic Network on the Societal Impact of Pain, to which PAE participates as main collaboration partner and co-administrator of the SIP Thematic Network  on the HPP, together with the European Pain Federation.

This was the second webinar in preparation of the Joint Statement on the Societal Impact of Pain, the main outcome of the Thematic Network project. The feedback received allowed the authors of the document to further update the document to its last version, presented at the EU Commission’s Annual Meeting of the Health Policy Platform on the 12th November.

If you missed the live event, you may watch the on-demand webinar on the Health Policy Platform or consult the report of the webinar on the SIP website.

The presentation is available here.

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