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The Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden (Fibromyalgiförbundet)


On the 4-6th April, members of the Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden attended “Rehabilitation Week 2017”, organised by The Swedish Society for Rehabilitation Medicine.

Prof. Torsten Gordh

Torsten Gordh (photo right), Professor of Clinical Pain Research, was one of the lecturers at “Rehabilitation Week 2017”

The Congress offered many interesting lectures and seminars held by prominent pain specialists, researchers and key figures within the health sector. Lecture themes, among others; fatigue, pain, sleep disturbances, brain fatigue and cognitive problems, and physical training recommendations for FM and ME/CFS patients.

Apart from being visitors, the association also took part as exhibitors. The Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden’s  stand was well-attended, and many positive comments were received regarding the project “The Fibromyalgia Portal”.

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