As healthcare comes under more pressure because of lack of funding and staff, one option which is often mentioned as a possible solution is the use of Electronic-Health (E-Health) and Mobile-Health (M-Health).

  • E-Health: the use of new information and communication technologies, and special internet technologies, to support or increase health and healthcare.
  • M-Health: the use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and wearables (such as watches). They are usually used in the form of apps (applications).
  • M-Health is often used in combination with E-Health.
The PAE 2020 survey asks what chronic pain patients think of E-Health and M-Health apps and how these might benefit them and their relations with their healthcare providers.

The results of this survey will give PAE and its members input to help improve E-Health and M-Health apps for the benefit of you, the patients.

From the results of this survey, it has been concluded that using electronic methods to support their health is not well known amongst people living with chronic pain. Those who are using apps believe that they improve their health outcomes and relationships with their doctors.  

The complete analysis report will soon be published on the PAE website here

PAE is presenting its poster about chronic pain and the use of e-health and m-health solutions at the IASP Virtual Series. The poster presentation will be soon available here.


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