European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain – Collecting Good Practices – III edition 2020-2021. The Application period is open!

Active Citizenship Network is glad to launch the third edition of its biennial project at the European level “EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain – Collection of good practices” with the aim of highlighting existing good practices in several European countries in terms of the struggle against pain.

This third edition allows us to continue expanding the “agora” of operators of good practices on pain, encouraging the exchange of experiences among health professionals, healthcare providers, Institutions, civic associations, and patient advocacy groups. Exceptionally for this III Edition, the Prize recognizes also outstanding initiatives that have been put in place, modified or updated to face and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic consequences on chronic pain patients’ life. Read more


“We were not born to suffer”: Informative campaign launched in Italy by Cittadinanzattiva

Cittadinanzattiva promotes citizens’ information on palliative care and pain therapy. The Law 38 of 2010, “Provisions for guaranteeing access to palliative care and pain therapy” gives full legitimacy to the “Right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain” and to the “Right not to suffer unnecessarily” stated in the EU Charter of Patents’ Rights drafted by Active Citizenship Network.

Since the publication of the Law 38, several steps have been taken, but there is still much work to be done for its full implementation. This is why Cittadinanzattiva with its campaign “we were not born to suffer”, proposes and promotes a questionnaire addressed to all citizens to investigate their actual knowledge of the contents of the law and shares an informative leaflet with the main information on the subject. Read more (IT)

Manual for the treatment of pain in COVID-19 patients

Produced by RED: pain therapy network of Milano of the Niguarda Hospital, the manual “The complex choice of the doctor in therapeutic management – practical tips and main drug interactions for the treatment of pain, analgo-sedation, delirium, state of anxiety and insomnia in patients COVID-19″ was written in the full pandemic period as a useful support to all specialist operators and GPs, as well as indirectly to help citizens and patients.

The person in charge of the document – also published by the Milan Medical Association – is Dr Paolo Notaro, Pain Care Unit Director Niguarda Hospital, as well as winner of the European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain – Collecting Good Practices – II edition 2018-2019 led by ACN. For the download, click here

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