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FOCUS Fibromyalgie Belgique

Our Belgian member FOCUS Fibromyalgie Belgique shared with us their activities during the last three months, of which you can find below an overview:.

  • The latest edition of the magazine “F.M.éride” of this year is finalised and will be sent to our members at the end of December.
  • Several support groups, called “Let’s Tame Fibromyalgia”, animated by volunteers, have taken place in Brussels and 9 cities in Wallonia.
  • Craft workshops have taken place in Brussels and Nivelles.
  • A scrapbooking fair took place on November 10 and 11. Several of our volunteers participated and sold scrapbooking material and Christmas cards, which enabled us to collect 400 euros.
  • During the SFETD Congress, we had a meeting with the president of Fibromyalgie France, Mrs Carole Robert.
  • Several volunteers attended the G. A. of “LUSS”, the League for the Users of Heathcare Services, an association that gathers 90 associations of patients. Focus FM is represented by two members
  • On December 10, several volunteers took part in a meeting between patients and doctors who work in social security. Hopefully, this meeting will help reduce some difficulties, such as an inadequate attitude, problems of communication,… This is a first initiative, but there is still a lot to do. Too many patients are victims of hurtful and humiliating remarks from those doctors.
  • A preparatory meeting took place about the scientific program of the symposium we are going to organize with a social security organization (“Solidaris”).
  • On December 14, a meeting of our committee is taking place with the volunteers. To celebrate the end of the year, there will be a festive lunch.
  • On December 21, several volunteers will participate in a Xmas Market where they will hopefully sell their craft.
  • We are expecting the verdict of the appeal we introduced to the relevant Court of Justice concerning the reimbursement of physiotherapy (we were entitled to 60 sessions a year without limit in time and the current Minister for Health has limited them to 12 sessions, once in a lifetime, for the same condition (F.M.)
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