Portfolio shortcode is another special feature of this toolkit. We will add pagination and category filter in future. To start with portfolios follow the steps bellow.

1. Create portfolios with featured images, the menu item “Portfolio” is available bellow “post” and “pages” menu item of the dashboard.
2. Open or create the page where you want to showcase the portfolio.
3. Place your cursor on desired location, and open the portfolio popup from [tx] menu4. Choose your options.

Number of item  :  Specify the number of portfolio items to show
Number of columns  : Specify number of portfolio columns.
Show/hide item category labels  :  Hide category labels
Show/hide item excerpt  :  Show only Title and image linked portfolio page.
Show as carousel  :  Display them in one row as carousel or as masonry rows and columns.

The shortcode will display your portfolio as ( as carousel with excerpt )

Social Impact of Pain (SIP) Expert Group on EU Health Platform

Group Project
PAE News Following the European Commission’s decision to dedicate an Expert Group to the ‘social impact of pain’, communicated during the SIP Symposium in Malta, June 2017 – we are excited to announceRead More...

PAE’s Survey on Chronic Pain

PAE News European Survey on Chronic Pain Report of the 2017 Edition Pain Alliance Europe involved its members and its members’ members, the patients, in an important project designed to provide information aboutRead More...

BMP Grant

PAE NEWS What does “pain” mean to you? Is it just a word? Or… It resonates? It hurts? Is it you? Is it someone you know? Is it someone you love/care for?Read More...

The shortcode will display your portfolio as ( as carousel with no excerpt )

The shortcode will display your portfolio as ( as Masonryl with no excerpt )

The Code will look like :

[tx_portfolio items="6" columns="4" hide_cat="no" hide_excerpt="yes" carousel="yes"[




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