Is pain self-management your first choice or last resort?

Sadly for many people across Europe it is their last resort. The first resort is mostly pain medication, a treatment or medical procedure.

So why is it a last resort for doctors and other healthcare professions?

The answer is simple. It is because most healthcare professionals, when attending medical schools, are taught in the medical ‘model of care.’ It is where they will do something or for the patient. It is far from helping those people who live with persistent or chronic pain.

I was stuck in the medical model of care for 7years until I attended a Pain Management Programme (PMP) back in 1996. The PMP gave me the skills, tools and most importantly the confidence to many my own pain. In short, the PMP put me back in the driving seat.

What is the answer? 

To manage our pain, we need to take control and learn some simple skills to self-manage our pain. Learning self-management skills can take time, so we need to be patient.

Pete Moore is sharing with us the secrets of his work.


The Pain Toolkit (

Back in 2002 I started to develop the Pain Toolkit booklet which has now become known worldwide as a simple resource for both patients and healthcare professionals.

It has been translated into 19 different languages and adapted for America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. There is also a young person’s version called My Pain Toolkit.

The Pain Toolkit website has lots of free and very visual information and resources for both patients and healthcare professionals.

For the past 20 years I have been running a workshop for patients, to learn how they can manage their pain and get their life back on track.

Pain Toolkit workshops

I have developed a 1/2 day Pain Toolkit workshop ( for patients and I would be more than happy to come and run workshops within Europe and for your organisation.

If you are interested and want more information, please contact me via

Pete Moore – Author of the Pain Toolkit and Trainer

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