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The European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain Award Ceremony

Bron Canwell, a member of the Pelvic Pain Support Network, has kindly shared with our editors her insights after participating in and winning a specific category of The European Civic Prize on Chronic Pain.

“Two members of the Pelvic Pain Support network – Bron Canwell and Fiona Brown – were very excited to be invited to join in the Symposium on the Societal Impact of Pain in Malta, and were delighted to receive one of the first European Civic Prizes on Chronic Pain. The President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, made an inspiring speech and presented the prizes.

Marie-Louise Coleiro PrecaShe had great insight into the impact of pain on individual lives, and the wider impact on society.  The symposium was a wonderful opportunity to meet a range of people from all European countries who share the goal of improving the lives of people with chronic pain. The situation was a lovely hotel by the harbour in Valletta.

The prize was awarded to us in the category “Patients as teachers in Health Professional Education”.  We have delivered sessions to nurses since 2009 and to doctors since 2016 in Leeds and Southampton. Feedback from our sessions shows that the students value our sessions highly. We have been very lucky to collaborate with lecturers/academic staff who are committed to the value of patient input. It was apparent from talking to other attendees at the symposium that our sessions are very innovative.

As a sufferer from pain, I have returned from Malta feeling very positive that there will be progress and very committed to helping that happen.”



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