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Survey 2018 – Pain and Your Work Life


“Pain and your work life” is the second survey that PAE has created on the theme of chronic pain, in a series of annual surveys on the impact of pain. With each survey, we are analysing a different aspect of the impact of pain on the quality of life of the chronic pain patients in Europe.

Pain Alliance Europe thank all organisations who helped disseminate the survey and all the patients who took the time to reply.

The 2018 survey closed on the 15th of April. 4588 pain patients from 17 countries trusted us and shared their experience about pain and work life, indicating how pain impacted on their employment, what has been or has not been done for them in order that they can continue working or how much their income dropped since their life has been impacted by the pain condition. The survey also tries to reveal to what degree financial support or compensation is provided by public bodies because of these pain conditions and if a change of employer or of occupation was imposed by the changes in the respondents’ health.

Currently, the collected data is being analysed by specialists from Erasmus University of Rotterdam and a first report will be shared on the 20th of June during the meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind, and Pain in the European Parliament.

The analysis of the results is made possible with the financial support of Mundipharma.


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