PAE will be inviting many organisations to ask their members to respond to the new survey on how modern technology could help people living with chronic pain. It will find out what they think about electronic-health and mobile-health information and the use of apps.

As healthcare comes under more pressure because of lack of funding and staff, one option which is often mentioned as a possible solution is the use of Electronic-Health (E-Health) and Mobile-Health (M-Health).

  • E-Health: the use of new information and communication technologies, and special internet technologies, to support or increase health and healthcare.
  • M-Health: the use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and wearables (such as watches). They are usually used in the form of apps (applications).
  • M-Health is often used in combination with E-Health.

The 2020 survey has been translated into the languages of PAE’s members. Last year we received over 6,000 responses to the survey. We hope to exceed that this year.

“What interesting questions!”

We were pleased to be told by several of the translators that the questions we have chosen for this survey are very interesting. 

Click through to to find the survey in your language! 

This results and analysis of the survey will be available in the summer 2020. These will allow us to find out what people living with chronic pain feel about using this technology – for each country taking part. We will publish a meta-analysis using all the data to show the situation across Europe. This will allow organisations to tell the decision-makers in their country what is needed – and PAE will talk to the people in Brussels!

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