Earlier this year, Pain Alliance Europe created a short survey about Covid-19 and Chronic Pain to see the current situation of chronic pain patients in Europe and what PAE can do to improve the situation.

You can now find the summary report here and the summary of the PAE country findings here. Soon, the integration data of the EFIC and PAE Covid-19 surveys will be available here.

Below you will find the specific country data for the countries in which the survey was completed:

To understand more about the impact of COVID on the lives of people with chronic pain, we have decided to launch a more detailed and complete survey to find out how chronic pain patients in Europe are affected by COVID-19. The responses to this survey will be even more fully analysed, and a report will be available on the PAE website by March 2021. 

Please complete and share this new and more detailed survey!

Thank you for helping us to help chronic pain patients in Europe!

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