Scroll through the 3rd QSPainRelief Newsletter (December 2021) to read about major advances of this EU-funded Horizon2020 project that aims to develop a platform to predict novel, effective combinatorial treatments of chronic pain based on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP).

Deirdre Ryan, president of Pain Alliance Europe, joined the 3rd General Assembly (GA) Meeting for the first time to replace Joop van Griensven as pan-European patient representative in the scientific and ethical advisory board (SEAB) and provided valuable feedback.

QSPainRelief also includes two new Masterclasses in the E-Learning Area of the project website, one on “Molecular modelling and dynamic simulations of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)” and one on “CNS quantitative systems biology in the research of new drugs”.

Furthermore, you learn about upcoming events, new team members, recent presentations, and more.

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The link to 3rd QSPainRelief Newsletter is here.


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