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IASP Congress on Pain - Boston, 12-16 September 2018

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center has just closed the door behind the last guests of the 17th World Congress on Pain. Mrs Liisa Jutila, Vice-president of Pain Alliance Europe reports an enriching experience in the large circle of stakeholders getting together for a couple of days in Boston to discuss a better future for the pain patients.

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is the largest multidisciplinary association in the field of pain. IASP’s World Congress on Pain is the premier professional forum for research, clinical practice, and education.

Mrs Liisa Jutila shares her feelings after the event: “I was happy to be part of such devoted group of people and share thoughts on a globally improved position for pain patients. Being part of decision making, working together with the healthcare organisations like IASP in order to obtain equal access to treatments, rehabilitation and medication for pain and most importantly: raising awareness of what chronic pain is and who we are – represents the core of our mission and activities at Pain Alliance Europe.”


Kick-off meeting: "Building the Global Patient Alliance"

 The session “Advocating for Pain Relief Worldwide: Best Practices from Around the Globe” provided an overview of IASP Advocacy efforts with the WHO (World Health Organization). The photo presents some of the main speakers of the session:

  • Rolf-Detlef Treede, Dr. Med., Chair, IASP ICD-11 Task Force, IASP Liaison to the WHO
  • Thomas Tolle, chair of European Pain Federation advocacy committee and member at large of European Pain Federation Executive Board
  • Marian Harkin, Member of the European Parliament, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
  • Paul Cameron, Scottish Government and NHS Scotland


As a part of Patient Engagement Initiatives programme, Patient organisations got together to review IASP survey results and to discuss how to build an international alliance for chronic pain patients. 

The workshops and presentations debated the different aspects of pain management:  patient perspective – between the pain science and patient empowerment, self pain-management, a global state of pain management, advocacy, communication about pain in the digital age.


Mrs Liisa Jutila - PAE and Mrs Vittoria Carraro - European Pain Federation EFIC




We would like to salute our good collaboration with the European Pain Federation EFIC, who has hosted the PAE corner for this major event, allowing PAE to present the results of the last survey on chronic pain and PAE’s activities and mission to the world. Thank you for your devotion to the patients’ cause.

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