PAE News – July 2016
Malta to host the SIP Symposium 2017

A SIP Cooperative Partners’ Delegation traveled to Malta at the beginning of July, to undertake preparatory works for the 2017 SIP Symposium, to be held in Malta on June 8 and 9.

During this visit, the Delegation also attended a meeting of national Maltese associations working to develop a platform similar to SIP. The Delegation was invited to present information on what SIP is, on how chronic pain is perceived within healthcare systems and how it influences the society, and on the benefits of cooperation and involvement in the proposed platform.

The Delegation was pleased to find that the Maltese associations enthusiastically welcomed the SIP concept, and that they are keen to implement a similar system in Malta by the time the SIP Symposium takes place.

Save the dates for attending the SIP Symposium in Malta: June 8 and 9, 2017.

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