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19 June 2018 – PAE Seminar

Every year Pain Alliance Europe gathers its members for a time of consultation, report, and decision-making with regards to the life of the association. Different events are organised during the day of the actual General Assembly and the preceding day.

This year PAE wanted to refresh its member knowledge on how Brussels’ Bubble works – understanding better the EU institutions, their functionalities and mechanisms, would bring a larger understanding of the work PAE is doing in lobbying for the chronic pain patients.

Vittoria Carraro, External Relations Manager at European Pain Federation EFIC – skilfully addressed the audience and her presentation shed some light on who does what in the Brussels Bubble – how to distinguish between the activities and specifics of each institution and most importantly – when and how to address them as a non-governmental organisation active in the health domain so that the impact should be maximised . Do’s and don’ts were shared and the participants agreed they return home with a better understanding of what PAE, as a European organisation can do for its members – the national patient organisations, and its members’ members – the patients – at the decision-making level of influence.

Specific examples of actions taken by PAE together with its partners were presented further – the participation in the SIP platform and how success has been achieved at EU level under this unique collaboration, its new trends towards national SIP platforms. The present organisations were invited to support these initiatives in their respective countries and to build on this experience stronger advocacy actions at the national level.

Anca Pop detailed about a specific success and on-going project within the SIP collaboration with EFIC, Grünenthal, and ACN, which needs all the support of PAE’s member organisations – The Thematic Network on the Societal Impact of Pain – a temporary opportunity to input on EU policy-making process. The thematic networks are, as the participants found out – open platforms within the Health Policy Platform – managed by the EU Commission via its Directorate General For Health and Food Safety – DG SANTE.

The participants were invited to join the creation of the Joint Statement on the Societal Impact of Pain by attending the live webinar on the 25th June, hosted by the EU Commission and by adding their initiatives and best practices to the collection of data that makes the Framing paper – the supporting documentation of the Joint Statement on SIP.

After a short networking break Joop van Griensven, PAE President informed in detail about PAE’s activities and core projects and also about how members can get more involved and more responsible in the governance of the association.

You may see the entire presentation here and you may download the PDF here.

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