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Thera Wanka

PAE member Thera Wanka announces their support for the daring project of Alexandre, a member of the partner association Thera Jerka, who leaves for a walk of 2000 km in order to raise awareness about the CPRS or “Algo” – the syndrome that he suffers from, following a traffic accident.

Here is a small presentation of Alexandre and his project.
Alexandre says:
“As far as I remember, I walked. As a kid, every weekend was the opportunity to escape in the countryside every night to remake the world in the middle of a sleeping city.
Later, I cultivated this pleasure, alone or with friends… sometimes useful, sometimes sporty, often liberating, always fun! I discovered my region, other regions, the nooks and crannies of my country and others on 4 continents, I met people, I exchanged, I learned… I found myself!
More than an activity, walking is a way of life that we enjoy without even realizing it.
This was my case until the end of that afternoon of July 2016 where everything stopped, following a road accident I was involved in. 18 months have passed. I can walk now but each step is painful. The cause: CPRS or algodystrophy. Rare syndrome, unknown to the general public and professionals, which I am now trying to get known together with Thera Jerka Association.
My next walk, “On the way to the ALGO (read “Algodystrophy”)” will be more useful and challenging than ever, as in this project, I will connect Vézelay to Santiago de Compostela on almost 2000 km, starting as early as February 2018. The goal of this project is to support, give courage, hope, and vitality to people like me, suffering from dystrophy so that this disease is no longer a fatality but a simple test to face and overcome!”
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Alexandre will be present all day at Decathlon Escalquens in France this next Saturday 3 February to talk about his project and his rare condition.

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