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Nine scientific societies speak of pain from an integral view
Menorca, October 18, 2017

Nine scientific societies will gather this Saturday in Punta Prima to address the pain in an integral and multidisciplinary way. It is the first event to be held on the island and aims to meet the different needs of medical, scientific and health specialties and share challenges in research, training, and healthcare. This initiative places the island “at the epicenter of the fight against pain and improving the quality of life of patients and their families,” says Sine Dolore European Pain Foundation President Jordi Moya.

On this first occasion, the summit will bring together nine companies, among them the labor trauma, rehabilitation, primary care physicians, anesthesia physiotherapy or the Andalusian Society of Pain and Continued Assistance, among others. The meeting will be moderated by Dr. Luis Miguel Torres, from the University of Cadiz.
Jordi Moya says it is “the first summit of the G9 linked to the treatment of pain” with the aim that next year can hold the second edition of the summit with the largest number of societies involved. This event is part of the VI Multidisciplinary Pain Meeting Master
Class which will have more than 100 attendees and will take place on Saturday and
Sunday at the Hotel Occidental Menorca.

Simultaneously, the Sine Dolore International School will be held on Friday for relatives and patients with pain. The Councilor for Social Welfare and Family, Maria Cabrisas, said yesterday that “activities like this help to visualize the day-to-day of people with pain and to enhance improvements in their quality of life.”

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