Pain Alliance Europe Newsletter – August 2016

Dear reader,

This edition of the Pain Alliance Europe Newsletter is especially interesting, with information on the association’s activities towards fulfilling its mission: to improve the quality of life for people living with chronic pain in Europe.Joop van Griensven - President PAE

More than anything, I am enthusiastic to see that not only is the PAE Board hard at work, but also work is constantly being carried at national level, through PAE’s member associations. It is one of our re-affirmed convictions that cooperation between stakeholders is absolutely necessary in order to achieve visible change to the status quo. You can read about several examples of such cooperation, both at national levels, as well as at the European level, in this edition of our newsletter.

Pain Alliance Europe is focusing mainly on lobbying activities, on raising awareness, and on gathering and disseminating relevant information. Regardless of the constraints set by our limited possibilities, I am proud to announce that we are doing a good job on all fronts, while building up PAE’s symbolic capital at the same time.

Having attended to the above during our first lustrum [five years], we are shifting our attention now towards achieving further positive results. However, we are going to need your help and support! Not only from you as an individual, but also from your respective associations and your fellow members. Also, we welcome any support from those of you who have never experienced chronic pain, but are sympathetic to our cause.

For more information on how you may offer your valued help on specific projects, please spend a moment reading the article on ‘the Written Declaration’ below, as well as the articles regarding the Red Balloon Project and the outcome of SIP ‘Time for Action’.

Not least, I encourage you to read the news from our members’ section, as it might offer you new ideas for your planning of next year’s events.

I wish you all an enjoyable summer break, with a refreshed start of your activities and of your continuous support for Pain Alliance Europe.


Joop Van Griensven

President Pain Alliance Europe



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