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Around us, spring is approaching and we also notice that there are more and more activities that PAE and our member charities are working on. It shows that PAE is a strong living organization.

The survey which is taking place at this moment (see Pain Alliance Europe’s Survey on Chronic Pain) shows that people are willing to participate. They just need a little push in the right direction. It also is an indicator that for the next surveys that we are planning, we will need to reach out more directly to people. The outcome of this first survey will be given to our members at the General Assembly in June.

The General Assembly taking place in Malta this year promises to be a good place to show where PAE stands as a stakeholder in the field of chronic pain. With the help of our members, we can show that we are a stakeholder which needs to be involved in all the policy making.

The new project we will have started involves a research grant to do patient-centered innovative research. At the first meeting of the task force, we define the merits of the project, choose a name and the ‘brand style’ for the project. These will all be published very soon. Also, you will receive an invitation to suggest ideas for this grant. An explanation will be given to our members at the General Assembly.

The SIP Symposium taking place in Malta, 7-9 June 2017, promises to be a great event where all stakeholders will be present.  It will be an excellent opportunity not only to hear the latest on policy developments regarding chronic pain but also to increase your networks and in that way help to improve the quality of life of people living with chronic pain. Don’t forget to register as soon as possible as places are limited. Go to to register. Members of PAE, please indicate that you also will attend the pre-symposium activities and the General Assembly of PAE.

The Red Balloon Project will have its final event in Malta on June 7th on the evening before the SIP Symposium will take place. When you are coming to the SIP and to the General Assembly of PAE you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity of participating in this event. It promises to be something special.

Then, of course, PAE board members have been active in reaching out to several organizations and companies to gain as much support for PAE as possible. Although the rate of success is difficult to measure, the general feeling is that we are having some progress in achieving what we want: more awareness for chronic pain patients and their situation on access to therapeutic, social and economic options. However, we are aware that we still are a long way from an ideal situation for the individual chronic pain patient in Europe. Together with our members and the other stakeholders, we can make the difference towards such an achievement. As this new spring is coming to life, so we feel a new impulse to our combined efforts to complete our mission and improve the quality of life for people living with chronic pain in Europe.

Joop van Griensven

President PAE

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