March 24, 2015 – Symposium on the Societal Impact of Pain 2014, Supplement- Interactive Panel Discussions

Pain therapy and palliative care are listed as healthcare priorities during the Italian Presidency of the EU Council in the second semester of 2014. This is exciting because for the first time ever all EU Ministers of Health discussed on the 22nd of September how to direct national and European strategies and health policies to address the need for improved pain care in Europe.

This year the programme committee decided to celebrate the 5th SIP symposium by inviting Nick Ross, widely regarded as one of the most professional conference moderators in the world. There was a brave decision to break away completely from the traditional format by inviting leading European stakeholders to join a series of provocative and audience interactive panel discussions and interviews. The aim will be to define what needs to be done now to ensure that chronic pain and palliative care will receive the priority on the agenda of the EU institutions and the member states also in the long term.

Download here the supplement

February 24, 2015 – MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain launches

The MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain was officially launched in Brussels on Tuesday, February 24th.

Officially launching the group, MEP Marian Harkin stressed the impact and prevalence of neurological and chronic pain disorders.

‘Public awareness, research and funding for these disease areas is not equivalent to the burden and impact,” said MEP Harkin, ‘In fact, public research funding for brain disorders equated to only 0.2% of the cost, with the industry investing just a further 0.8%.’

She commended the publication of the Book of Evidence: a document which outlines the challenges faced in this field from a multi-stakeholder perspective. It also includes case-studies of good practice and possible solutions which will be explored and advanced as the group is rolled-out.



Download here the Book of Evidence




Following this, there will be an interactive meeting on stigma/social inclusion on October 14th. And, in early 2016, MEP Jeroen Lenaers will host a meeting looking at employment issues for those affected by neurological and chronic pain disorders. He stressed the need to look at how we can link health and social policy.

The press release is available by clicking here


February launch for MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain

EFNA Parlement Eurpeen de Strasbourg 13/14 janvier 2014

The official launch of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain will take place in the Members Salon of the European Parliament on February 24th, 2015 at 18.00hrs.

The group – a joint initiative of Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) and the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) – will be co-chaired by MEPs Marian Harkin, Jeroen Lenaers and Daciana Octavia Sârbu.

The aim is to encourage research into and access to innovative treatments, promote prevention and self-management approaches, decrease stigma and work together to improve quality of life for people living with these disabling conditions.

In advance of the launch PAE and EFNA are preparing a Book of Evidence which will outline why brain and pain disorders should be a political priority; highlighting the current challenges/barriers but also exploring possible solutions.

This document will be presented and distributed at the launch with contributions from representatives of the aforementioned groups – including the President of the European Academy of Neurology, Prof. Gunther Deuschl.
Click here to see the agenda.

There will be lots of time for networking, discussion and debate – so if you are interested in this topic please come along and contribute your expertise!

To register your attendance or for more information, please email info[at]

October 7, 2014 – European Medicines Agency Press release

As of today, European citizens can obtain information on suspected side effects, also known as suspected adverse drug reactions, of an additional 1,700 active substances contained in medicines approved in the European Union (EU) through a website maintained by the European Medicines Agency (EMA),

The website launched in 2012 previously only contained information on suspected side effects reported with centrally authorised medicines. Its expansion now also allows the public to access the relevant information for medicines approved by national authorities in the EU.

The press release is available by clicking here.

The EMA has also published a leaflet in all official EU languages to encourage patients to report side effects. The leaflets are available by clicking here (EMA website) or here (ADR website).

May 8, 2014: Great distinction for work in Pain management

When celebrating the King’s birthday in The Netherlands, it is usual to knight those people who achieved  an outstanding performance for society.

On April 25, the last office day before the King’s birthday, Mayors throughout The Netherlands honour those people in a familiar place for them. This was also the case in Leiden, where Mayor Lenferink presented Hilda Wieberneit, PAE Board member and president of Pijn Platform Nederland, the title “Knight of the order of Oranje Nassau”…read more

March 11, 2014: PAE Newsletter

The PAE Spring Newsletter is here and brings many positive news and opportunities for advancing chronic pain on EU agenda, as well as news from members and other interesting campaigns. Read all here

January 22, 2014: “Out Of Office” Event in the European Parliament

On the 19th of February, MEPs Marian Harkin and Linda McAvan in conjunction with Pain Alliance Europe, EFNA and GAMIAN will host a lunch event in the European Parliament to mark the launch  of a  research from the Economist Intelligence Unit on the economic and social cost of workplace absenteeism in Europe.

January 7, 2014: Petition on chronic pain

We urge European politicians to include chronic pain and the role of chronic pain as a priority in all current and future reviews and framework programs on chronic diseases.

Sign the petition here

December 2, 2013: PAE Newsletter – ISSUE 3

Newsletter DecemberPAE Newsletter 1December2013

November 29, 2013: Successful General Assembly and great ambitions in 2014 – read all about it in the upcoming newsletter.

See photos here

November 26, 2013: Seeking healthcare in another EU Member State – know your rights

A comprehensive leaflet published by the European Commission – see here.

November 20, 2013: Stay updated with the latest researches and information on chronic pain by visiting CHANGE PAIN

The latest publication can be downloaded here: “The development of chronic pain: physiological CHANGE necessitates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment”

October 24, 2013: Pain Patients Pathway Recommendations Workshop in Brussels: discussions, group works and recommendations

We saw the results of the survey that was carried out in 18 countries and involved patients organisations, medical professionals and representatives of national ministries of health. We discussed the basic patients rights, the challenges, actors and recommendations needed.

See photos here

October 15, 2013: PAE launched its official Faceook page

Stay connected with us at:

October 2, 2013: The European Medicines agency explains the new mark on the medicines that need additional monitoring

See press release and video here

September 22, 2013: Pain Alliance Europe at World Congress of Neurology 2013

As a new associate member of the European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA), PAE attended EFNA General Assembly in Vienna and promoted our goals and mission at the Patients’ corner, organised during World Congress of Neurology 2013

See photos here

September 1, 2013: PAE Newsletter – ISSUE 2

The second edition of the PAE Newsletter brings together updates from the members and the secretariat, news and events related to chronic pain and more!

PAE Newsletter 1September2013

June 1, 2013: PAE Newsletter – ISSUE 1

Read a synopsis of the national initiatives of PAE’s members, a summary of some important pain-related European conferences, the updates on the current projects and more:

PAE Newsletter June2013


 May 17, 2013: Societal Impact of Pain Symposia

After three SIP Symposia, this year’s SIP Focus Groups took place in Brussels and concentrated on two topics for generating concrete policy instruments and improving chronic pain management in Europe:

  • SIP Focus Group 1 (14 May) created “SIP Recommendations” for a European set of quality indicators for chronic non-malignant pain management
  • SIP Focus Group 2 (15 May) stressed on the correlation of chronic pain and the reduction or loss of work productivity and the workforce, respectively, and will generate a “SIP Proposal for Action” on EU best practices for reintegrating chronic pain patients back into their working environment

See the results: here

May 15, 2013: PAE General Assembly, Brussels

On Wednesday, the 15th of May, PAE held its Annual General Assembly Meeting in Thon Hotel EU, Brussels. 20 representatives of the members and other stakeholders attended the meeting and discussed the updates and the future actions they will collaborate on, in order to make the voice of chronic pain patients in Europe stronger.

Also, 3 new members were added, reaching now to 28 national member associations in 15 European countries:

  • The Polish Myeloma Patient Help Association – PMPHA
  • ACT Healthy, Cyprus
  • Liga Reumatoloxica Galega

May 14, 2013: New PAE Brochure

PAE launches an informational brochure, briefly introducing the organisation and chronic pain facts:

PAE brochure

PAE Brochure

 February 1, 2013: new PAE office

The new PAE office is located in Grensstraat 7, between the NATO building and Brussels Airport. The appointed person to carry out PAE’s administration and association management services is Georgiana Huiban. For any inquiries, contact her at

board room Pictures

 January 1, 2013: Happy New Year 2013

A new year has come and gives us the opportunity to work further on improving the quality of life of people living with chronic pain.
Started at the end of 2011 now we have had a full year in which we formed a solid base to work from. This resulted in collaboration whit research projects, participation in a joint venture and being active on the policy field resulted in having the name Pain Alliance Europe heard in Europe.
With your support and endorsement we can achieve even more. You can help us by providing ideas or pin point on general omissions in your country policy towards chronic pain patients. With that information we can see if this is an issue which is happening in more countries or only in yours. If it is in more countries then we can ask the European parliament and European commission. If it is only in your country we can help your national association to address that problem nationally.
Let us show Europe that chronic pain patients across Europe are normal, intelligent and reasonable people who are willing to discuss whit anyone any matter which can improve the quality of life of people living with chronic pain. Let us show Europe it is not just one person who is saying that. It is not even thousands of people who are saying that but it are millions of people who are saying that.Let us show them that chronic pain patients have a voice and they should be listened at.Pain Alliance Europe wishes the reader of this website a happy and prosperous 2013 for you and your near ones.