During the last months of 2020, the Galician Rheumatological League organized several webinars to help our members to manage the covid-19 crisis at different levels (information about covid-19, stretching, mindfulness, etc).

One example is the webinar of 18 November 2020 with the theme “Relaxation and emotional education”.

We also participated in several online congresses (European, American and Spanish) regarding rheumatology, treatments, chronic pain, covid-19, etc.  For example, the IV National Patient Day of FMF and Autoinflammatory Diseases on November 20th.

On November 27th 2020 we celebrated the first face to face course in Clinical Trials Training for members of the Galician Rheumatological League in the conference room of the Official College of Pharmaceuticals of Coruña. This course was given by David Trigos of EUPATI SPAIN (http://www.imi.europa.eu/ ) and by José León, manager of our League and recent trainer in the EUPATI team. It was the first of several courses regarding the importance of the participation of the patients in clinical trials and the training of expert patients.

Amongst the most important activities for 2021, we are planning attention at the home of elder people with rheumatic diseases, which includes assistance from our departments of occupational and psychological therapy.


We will keep working in our project of mediation and intermediation,we are the link between the patient and the health, educative and administrative systems in order to improve understanding regarding diagnosis, evaluations and adaptations.

We will continue with our campaigns of prevention, information and visibility, in order to maintain the population, informed and sensitized about the more than 200 existing rheumatic diseases.

We also will keep on forming our members regarding the importance of participating in clinical research and continuing the preparation of expert patients.  

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