Chronic pain is a serious health condition that affects patients’ quality of life both physically and psychologically and has social implications for the family and society.

This questionnaire aims to:

  1. identify how patient organizations and other organizations perceive the consequences of pain;
  2. characterize the pathologies most associated with chronic pain;
  3. disseminate actions that respond to the main needs of patients, documents and published studies, attract more collaborators to the fight against pain and raise awareness of the problem of pain and its social impact;
  4. promote training and organization of events and structures that improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain.

NOTE: The questionnaire is addressed to board members of patient organizations or other organizations that support patients with chronic pain, is anonymous and has an academic scope. It is provided in English, Portuguese, and Spanish – you will find the links below:

 The questionnaire is responsibility of a partnership between Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais – Pólo da Universidade dos Açores, CICS.NOVA.UAc (Research Center in Social Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and the Chronic Pain Patients Association in the Azores (member of the Pain Alliance Europe). Collaborative partners are Active Citizenship Network (ACN) and Sine Dolore – European Pain Foundation, leading the  Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition: the first civic hub-incubator of best practices against pain across Europe. This community is an informal network of manager & operators of best practices to facilitate the exchange of knowledge.

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