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We all know that chronic pain is all around us nowadays and it is the leading cause of debilitation and disability on a global level. Some people say it is not a symptom anymore; it has turned into a life-changing condition that few people know and talk about.

What is more, there are a large number of pain-related conditions, some of which are very wide-spread. However, it seems that current therapies are not effective enough and do not have the desired impact on patients.

Over 1.5 billion people worldwide are living in constant pain, take medicines that temporarily relieve the bad sensations (in the best cases) or, what is worse, they live without even knowing what their diagnosis is as it is hard for doctors to determine many of these conditions. And yes, the feeling of not knowing how to help yourself and for how much longer you will suffer can be even more painful than the pain itself.

In the meantime, medicine is constantly working to develop new and more effective therapies (currently there are over 57 000 scientific studies around the world for various therapeutic areas). In this era of innovation, healthcare is one of the sectors where this innovation is crucial and is rapidly gaining speed.

And do you know that you can be a part if this innovation? Do you know that you can have access to a treatment that is currently being developed by researchers before it is publicly available on the market? Probably not, or probably you have only heard of clinical trials as a treatment option but do not know much about them.

Clinical trials are an integral part of the drug development process: without them, modern therapies would never reach the people in need. It is a way for patients to have an alternative treatment, years before the treatment reaches pharmacies and hospitals. A compound is potentially turned into a promising medicine that can change or even save one’s life by being tested on animals, then healthy volunteers and finally patients with a given condition. All with the aim of delivering cures for chronic and life-threatening diseases.

You can see how clinical trials changed our lives through the years and review the key medical innovations that matter. And we all remember the end of AIDS and how medicine turned the HIV infection into a chronic condition that is no longer life-threatening.

What is really impressive, over 90% of the people rank their experience with clinical trials highly and would recommend taking part to a friend. At the same time, only 5% of the population is aware of the clinical trials available to them.

This is what FindMeCure is changing! This platform gives access to all clinical trials around the world and provides the information in an easy and accessible way to anyone who needs it. Thus, patients can access new treatments long before they are on the market, whilst being aware of all the pros and cons of the whole process. By simply typing in their condition and location, they can see what clinical trials are being conducted near them, read all the important information in simple language and apply for participation. Then, within a few days, they are connected with the doctor in charge of the trial who can answer all their questions and can determine whether they would be eligible to take part in the study. The unique algorithm allows assessing trials according to their safety and credibility and suggests trials relevant to patients’ needs and personal criteria.

FindMeCure has been actively working to empower patients looking for clinical trials, thus accelerating the drug development process. Its driving force is the belief that there is no such thing as an incurable disease but only conditions that man hasn’t yet found a cure for.

The beauty of participating in clinical trials is that we can help millions of people while helping ourselves. You can start now. Do you own research by typing your condition below. Or if you still need some more information, make sure you watch the webinar that FindMeCure developed in order to gain some more useful pieces of knowledge about clinical trials.

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