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Pain Alliance Europe launches a new survey on stigma & chronic pain

One of the main “fights” PAE is leading is for the pain patient to be heard, believed and understood. The most recent survey developed by Pain Alliance Europe deals with stigma related to chronic pain and will be open until the 1st of March, 2019.

Besides the many physical challenges that chronic pain inflicts, patients deal with the psychological burden of having a condition they do not deliberately choose to have.

To understand better to which extent stigma is a part of the illness pack in the life of a chronic pain patient, Pain Alliance Europe has directed its questions for 2019’s survey about chronic pain to the way patients perceive and are affected by the subjectivity of other categories from society that they come in contact with during their pain journey.

In this respect, we hope the results of the new survey on stigma related to chronic pain will raise awareness of the way the environment of the patient may contribute to the alteration of the psychological conditions that influence the life of a patient.

Take the survey

We count on PAE member organisations to be supportive as always and contribute to the dissemination of the survey and we invite peer organisation and patients to join and share the most appropriate of the Survey’s translations shared on the top of the page to anyone concerned who would like to share this aspect of dealing with chronic pain.

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