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Red Española de FM, SFC, SQM

On the February 18th, in A Coruña – Galicia-Spain, the Spanish PAE Member Red Española de FM, SFC, SQM will organise an event on the subject of Mindfulness as a tool for coping with chronic pain.mindfulness-red-espagnola

The objective of the conference will be to convey to those present what this tool consists of and how with the practice of it we can get to get the connection mind body so important for the approach and coping of chronic pain.

The event will be moderated and presented by Dr.Viso. Medical Doctor at Hospital San Rafael (A Coruña) and collaborator of Radio Voz radio show “Voces”, who will introduce the guest speaker, Mr. Andrés Gonzalo Íñiguez, Clinical Psicologist.

Mr. Andrés Gonzalo Íñiguez Díaz is sharing already some ideas of what is going to be presented and discussed, here below.

What is mindfulness?

The miracle of mindfulness comes from Vietnamese master Thich Nhat Hanh. This man has been the first master of mindfulness in Europe. The concept of mindfulness or mindfulness originated around the year 2500 BC in the sutras (aphorisms of Hindu and Buddhist traditions).

Mindfulness consists in being fully aware of what happens in the present moment, without prejudice of any kind, or of judging, is something that can be carried out in any situation. It is a breeding ground for the consciousness of the mind and body to learn to live in the here and now. It is a tool that everyone can benefit from it. At present, mindfullnes has already spread in the paradigm of psychology and with time and practice good results are obtained in people who suffer from some physical ailment or some psychic discomfort such as stress, anxiety or depression.

This approach is especially aimed at sensory information and the world in general that surrounds us, offers us a greater understanding of the mental molds (Hernández-Guanir, 2002) or cognitive emotional affective architecture that in case the person carries implicit some maladaptive mold As can be the anticipation aversiva always leads to be in a threatening future. Through mindfullnes it is possible to travel to the present, the only real time existing in the life of the human being. As an example, a person who aversively anticipates that the pain will re-occur in his life is experiencing an important emotional discomfort that prevents him from having a subjective well-being and an optimal quality of life due to cognitively processing an irrational thinking and a Emotion such as anxiety, produced by the catastrophic anticipations and, in case the pain is present this is aggravated. It is extremely important to mention that negative thoughts and maladaptive emotions affect the human being and the biopsychosocial model negatively.




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