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MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind, and Pain

The next meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind, and Pain proposes a look at ways to optimise patient-reported outcome measures for sustainable healthcare systems and strong economies.

Pain is one of the major parameters of the quality-of-living conditions of patients, therefore ensuring a proper, individualised pain management, is essential in this respect. Only the patient can describe the pain experience but qualitative reporting conditions are not always available. Here is where the PROM (patient reported outcome measures) – a standard for the patient reporting – could come to improve the situation.

The meeting is opening this subject on two dimensions – patient-centred healthcare and patient-centred research for debate and two panels are organised throughout the morning.

Among the guests and speakers, representatives of the EU Parliament, EU Commission, healthcare practitioners, and patients.

The meeting is hosted by MEP Danuta Jazłowiecka and co-chairs of the MEP interest group MEP Marian Harking and MEP Jeroen Lenaers are attending the discussions;  the panels are moderated by Donna Walsh (EFNA) and respectively Sam Kynman (EFIC)

You may check the full agenda here.

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