Name of the organisation: UVSD SchmerzLOS e.V.
Street: Ziegelstraße 25a
District: 23556 Lübeck
Country: Germany
Tel: +49 451 – 5854 4625
Website: www.schmerzlos-ev.de

President: Heike Norda

Vice President: Hartmut Wahl

Member: Dr. Nicolas Jakobs

Other: Representative of the steering committee: Prof. Dr. Britta Lambers

  • 04.02.2011 Foundation of SchmerzLOS e.V.
  • 2011 Start of project “Move against pain”
  • 2012 First political campaign to increase awareness for chronic pain at federal ministry and parliament
  • 2013 Roll out of the program “Found and support self-help groups”
  • From now on yearly participation in:
    • the national day of chronic pain
    • the panel of the German Pain Association
    • the German Congress of Pain
  • 2014 First contribution to a S3 medical guideline for the application of opiods
    Representation of interest in the parliamentary society in regards to the topic “Pain and Demencia”
  • 2015 From now on quarterly publication of the own journal “SchmerzLOS Aktuell”
  • From now on yearly participation at the European Meeting of SIP (Societal Impact of Pain)
  • From now on several invited presentations from health care institutions
  • 2016 Becoming a corresponding member of the German Pain Association
    Participation in a working group of the German Pain Association for “Patient information”
  • Frequently publications together with other health care stakeholders
  • Participation at several science projects
  • From now on organization of yearly workshops for all the leaders of self-help groups SchmerzLOS
  • 2017 30 established self-help groups since year of foundation
  • By now distribution of 5000 copies of the journal SchmerzLOS Aktuell at over 100 destinations
  • Consulting of patients and their relatives in self-management and support health literacy
  • Increase awareness of chronic pain in the society and political community
  • Development of self-help activities, i.e. foundation of self-helping groups
  • Support activities to prevent chronic pain
  • Representation of interests of patients on political and societal level
  • Support of scientific projects
  • European Platform for all national organizations;
  • Consolidate news of the scientific pain world;
  • Enable information exchange and cooperations between the members;
  • Increase awareness for chronic pain to all stakeholders especially on European level