Swedish Rheumatism Association

Name of the organisation: Swedish Rheumatism Association ( Reumatikerförbundet)
Street: Kund-id LKH1103
District: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Tel: 08-505 805 00
Website: www.reumatikerforbundet.org

The Swedish Rheumatism Association (Reumatikerförbundet) is a non-profit organisation working for people with rheumatic diseases and chronic pain, functioning as a national umbrella organisation.

The association is organized into 172 local associations divided into 24 districts and is the largest patient organisation in Sweden. The union also includes three national associations, the Swedish National Association for Smuggling, the Swedish National Association for Systemic Sclerosis and the Swedish National Association for SLE.

In total, the Swedish Rheumatism Association has 48,787 members, of which 5,700 are relatives. (July 2019)

The Swedish Rheumatism Association works tirelessly for the right of rheumatics to a good life and seeks the solution to the riddle of rheumatism. We have done this since 1945. No other organization has as much knowledge about how it is to live with a rheumatic disease and other diseases in the musculoskeletal system. We count nearly 50,000 people as members. 

As a strong voice for patient’s rights in Sweden we know how important it is to be confident about facts and data to be clear and have `one´ voice when outspoken and that is what PAE stands for so our aim is to be a supportive and an engaged member to the international united member organization PAE. To share PAEs messages on the national level and to take action when needed.