SEN Slovakia and Czechia

Name of the organisation: SEN Slovensko a Česko / SEN Slovakia and Czechia
Abbreviation: SEN SR/CR
Street: Skolska 30
District: Prague
Country: Slovakia
Tel: +421 908270577

  • President: Julia Sellers
  • Member: Pavel Toman
  • Member: Vanessa Ellen Niicolass

SEN Slovensko a Česko aims to alleviate the suffering of those going through spiritual emergence/emergency through providing support, education, research, public awareness, empowering collective wisdom and collaboration, whilst supporting the development of new member networks and encouraging interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue.

We aim at helping people find their way through a process that is often misunderstood and treated as a mental illness in our culture. Spiritual emergency may result in chronic pain so it is important to alleviate the suffering of those who experience spiritual emergency.